You all know my views on psychics by now, I hope. The fact that so many people are still taken in by them is a real source of discomfort for me. Their tricks and scams have been so well publicised that it is a testament to how deluded humans can be that they are still able to practice.

Richard Dawkins is probably the most famous speaker on atheist, anti-religious and sceptical viewpoints out there (though James Randi gives him a great run for his money!). Derren Brown is a British illusionist who focuses on suggestion and who is guaranteed to entertain. As someone involved in stage magic he is in an excellent position to notice when someone is running a con or using any one of the usual tricks that psychics use. With thanks to the nice people at Bad Psychics (the largest sceptical and medium debunking site in the UK) for bringing this to my attention, I bring you the first part of an interview in which Brown and Dawkins discuss the phenomena of psychics, the reasons why people go to them (and why they shouldn’t) and the tricks that psychics use to make you believe in them. This is an informed interview between two intelligent and experienced men. Each part is around 10 minutes long and the next part will (or should) load automatically.

The first part is provided free online. If you would like to support the work Dawkins and other people do, consider purchasing ‘The Enemies of Reason: The Uncut Interviews’ on DVD by clicking on this link. The video can be seen after the jump: